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Experience the Future of Windows with Vacuum Glazing Technology

Achieve peak performance with LandVac vacuum glazing - the industry leader in energy efficiency, reliability, and soundproofing.

What is Vacuum Glazing?

Vacuum glazing is a high-performance insulating technology that uses a vacuum layer between two glass panes to significantly improve thermal insulation in windows and doors.

Vacuum Glazing compared to standard glazing:

Enhance / Protect

0.4 U-Value
Landvac Heritage Vacuum Glazing cross section
  • 8.3mm Thick
  • 39db Sound Reduction
  • 25+ year Lifespan
  • Highly Recyclable


0.4 U-Value
LandVac Optimum Vacuum Glazing cross section
  • 25.1mm Thick
  • 41db Sound Reduction
  • 25+ year Lifespan
  • Highly Recyclable

Double Glazing

1.2 U-Value
  • 24-28mm Thick
  • ~31db Sound Reduction
  • < 25 year lifespan
  • Low recyclability

Triple Glazing

0.7 U-Value
  • 36-44mm Thick
  • ~35db Sound Reduction
  • < 25 year lifespan
  • Low recyclability

Benefits of Vacuum Glazing


Ultra-thin profile makes this perfect for conservation projects.


Centre-pane U-values of 0.4W/m2K and superior G-values.


Leading acoustic performance, without the need for thicker, heavier panes of glass.


The LandVac unit is constructed from two panes of 4mm toughened glass.


Industry leading 15-year warranties and an anticipated lifespan in excess of 25 years.


The units are fully recyclable and have no noble gasses which are energy intensive to produce.

Our product offers:

Enhance Protect Optimum
Typical use New heritage window and door manufacture & reglazing existing historic windows new windows and reglazing where security is a concern Reglazing existing modern windows or manufacturing new efficient windows
Centre Pane Ug Value 0.4W/m2K 0.4W/m2K 0.4W/m2K
Acoustic 39dB 40dB 41dB
Overall Unit Thickness 8.3mm 8.3mm 25.1mm as standard, but flexible to suit
Safety Standard Always toughened with laminate option Always toughened with laminate option Always toughened with laminate option
Maximum Sightline 13mm on getter hole 13mm on getter hole 21.5mm on getter hole
Shapes Limited, requires a right angle Limited, requires a right angle Limited, requires a right angle
Warranty 15 Years 15 Years 10 Years
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What is LandVac Glass?

Discover LandVac, a Tempered Vacuum Insulated Glazing (VIG) unit designed by LandGlass. Learn how LandVac can improve energy efficiency and more.

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