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Case Study:
William White Buildings after vacuum glazing installation

The William White Buildings

Discover how vacuum glazing revitalised the William White Buildings—where heritage meets modern efficiency.

Windows Reimagined: The William White Buildings’ Renaissance with Vacuum Glazing

Introduction: A Glimpse into Audley’s Heritage

In the heart of Audley, Staffordshire, the William White Buildings stand proudly—a legacy of 19th-century Gothic architecture. Once bustling with shops, banks, and even a coffee spot, these structures have seen it all. Fast forward to 2006, and Robert Walker transforms one of these historic buildings into his family home.

Windows in Distress: A Restoration Challenge

The William White Building faced a daunting challenge—a set of windows that had weathered the years poorly. Rotting frames and leaky double-glazed units presented a conservation dilemma. But amidst the challenges, a solution emerged that would blend the old with the new seamlessly.

Gowercroft’s Heroic Duo: Accoya® Timber Frames and LandVac Vacuum Glazing

Enter Gowercroft Joinery with a game-changing duo: Accoya® timber frames and LandVac Heritage vacuum glazing. This dynamic combination promised not just conservation compliance but a modern twist in energy efficiency. The sleek 15mm profile of the vacuum glazing became the hero, ensuring the home stayed warm without compromising on historic aesthetics.

Preserving History: The Unique Features of the William White Buildings

The red brick facades, traditional bond patterns, and the series of narrow and wide pointed ground floor arches—all defining features of the William White Buildings. Gowercroft’s Heritage range, featuring LandVac vacuum glazing, became the key to preserving these intricate details.

Crafting the Perfect Fit: Integration Challenges

Preserving the original aesthetic wasn’t just a goal; it was a meticulous commitment. The flush fitting of the replacement casements posed a unique challenge, requiring skilled brickwork surgery to make the new windows seamlessly blend into the 1800s architecture.

Homeowner’s Delight: A Warm Welcome with New Windows

Robert Walker, the proud homeowner, expressed his delight. The new windows not only looked the part but brought a palpable warmth to their home. The LandVac magic had transformed once problematic windows into a symbol of modern efficiency in harmony with historic charm.

Conclusion: A Beacon of Heritage and Innovation

In the quiet village of Audley, the William White Buildings now stand not just as relics of the past, but as a living testament to the seamless integration of heritage and innovation. The LandVac magic has not only preserved history but propelled these buildings into a future of energy-efficient, comfortable living.

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