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Aluminium Window Manufacturers

Aluminium framed windows fitted with vacuum glazing

Discover the Superior Benefits of LandVac Vacuum Glazing for Aluminium Windows

Welcome to the Aluminium Window Manufacturers page, where we delve into the remarkable advantages of integrating LandVac vacuum glazing into aluminium window applications. With its innovative technology and outstanding energy efficiency, LandVac presents an unparalleled solution, perfectly suited for a wide range of aluminium window projects. Discover how LandVac can transform your aluminium windows into high-performance, sustainable, and visually appealing solutions.

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LandVac Heritage and Optimum vacuum Glazing data sheet illustration

Ideal Product: LandVac Optimum

Perfect for future build projects where energy efficiency and soundproofing are a priority without having to meet strict passive house standards.


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Addressing Your Specific Needs

But what about the specific details that matter to you as Aluminium Window Manufacturers?
Let’s address them:

In LandVac Heritage and LandVac Optimum units, plugs and getters are located within a 20mm border around the unit. These components are concealed within a standard glazing rebate, offering a sleek appearance. The aligning of getters and plugs along the same horizontal edge enables them to be located on the least conspicuous side of the window.

Commonly known as "the dots," these micro-pillars prevent glass panes from touching under the high vacuum pressure. LandVac's advanced technology ensures significantly fewer micro-pillars compared to other vacuum glazing options. Moreover, the coloration of the pillars makes them inconspicuous, rendering them virtually invisible when viewed from a standard distance of 2m.

Sustainability and energy conservation expectations from specifiers and the general public are advancing quickly. Triple glazing is an option for better performance, but it is thick and heavy. This can lead to the requirement to alter sections to house the thicker unit. LandVac is slimmer, lighter also has the benefit of looking much more traditional than triple glazing. The U-values and Acoustic performance of LandVac are also much greater than a typical triple glazed unit.

As energy efficiency requirements increase, manufacturers seek more efficient glass units. However, adding more glass panes and cavities results in a substantial increase in weight per square meter. This weight, combined with the market's demand for increased glass sightlines and larger pane sizes, poses challenges for manufacture and installation. Ironmongery systems struggle to keep pace with these changes, leading to potential reductions.

The maximum unit size 1500mm x 2500mm. Vacuum glazing units are actually more rigid than typical double glazing due to the vacuum, but as units get larger they may be made using thicker glass panes. The minimum unit size is typically 300mm x 300mm, but smaller sizes can often be made on demand. The minimum unit size for pricing is 0.3m2.

LandVac is available in a variety of shapes. The maximum width to Height ratio 1:6 for 8.3mm, if the ratio is any larger then it will need to be 10.3mm. Any shape with a right angle and single point of radius is possible. Isosceles triangles or right-angled triangles with a hypotenuse greater that 370mm are also possible. In all cases, CAD drawings must be supplied for any shape orders. If you aren’t sure, then just ask!

Shapes available include...
example shapes for Vacuum Insulated double glazing units from Vacuum Glazing UK

Our Products

How does Vacuum Glazing compare to the most popular options?

Heritage / Enhance

0.4 U-Value
Landvac Heritage Vacuum Glazing cross section
  • 8.3mm Thick
  • 39db Sound Reduction
  • 25+ year Lifespan
  • Highly Recyclable


0.4 U-Value
LandVac Optimum Vacuum Glazing cross section
  • 25.1mm Thick
  • 41db Sound Reduction
  • 25+ year Lifespan
  • Highly Recyclable

Double Glazing

1.9 U-Value
  • 28mm Thick
  • ~31db Sound Reduction
  • < 25 year lifespan
  • Low recyclability

Triple Glazing

1.0 U-Value
  • 48mm Thick
  • ~35db Sound Reduction
  • < 25 year lifespan
  • Low recyclability

Unleashing the Power of LandVac Vacuum Glazing: Elevating Performance and Efficiency

LandVac Vacuum Glazing, where innovative technology meets window manufacturing excellence. With LandVac, Aluminium Window Manufacturers can unlock a realm of possibilities, offering high-performance, energy-efficient windows that meet the diverse needs of various applications. Whether you specialise in heritage windows, renovations, new builds, or extreme-performance projects, LandVac has the perfect solution to elevate your window offerings. Discover how LandVac Vacuum Glazing can revolutionise your windows and exceed the expectations of your discerning customers.

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The Solution for all Aluminium Window Manufacturers: LandVac Vacuum Glazing

Enhancing Performance and Aesthetics: Unleashing the Potential of LandVac Vacuum Glazing for Aluminium Window Manufacturers

Discover how LandVac can enhance the performance and aesthetics of your window installations in three key areas:

Brick cottage for heritage windows with vacuum glazing for timber window manufacturers

Heritage Windows

Preserving the charm of Listed and conservation properties while improving energy efficiency is now possible with LandVac Heritage glass. Its ultra-slim profile and single reflection make it the perfect choice for heritage window frames. Say goodbye to cold and expensive-to-run listed properties as LandVac brings them up to modern standards of energy efficiency.

Classic House for heritage windows with vacuum glazing for timber window manufacturers

High Performance Windows for Renovations and New Builds

LandVac Heritage glass enables manufacturers to achieve remarkable window U-values of 1.2 - 1.4 W/m²K, ensuring compliance with future Part L regulations. This lightweight and sustainable solution outperforms triple glazing, reducing materials usage and enhancing recyclability.

Brick cottage for heritage windows with vacuum glazing for timber window manufacturers

Extreme Performance Windows for Futurebuild Projects

Experience the future of window performance with LandVac Optimum. Achieve outstanding whole window U-values of 1.0 - 1.3 W/m²K by converting standard double-glazed profiles. This innovative solution exceeds upcoming Part L regulations, offering exceptional energy efficiency without bulky frames or quad glazing. LandVac Optimum ensures optimal performance and Part Q compliance for new builds.

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