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Case Study:
Land End Farm Refurbishment with vacuum glazing fitted to heritage timber windows

Land End Farm, Leeds

Step into history with Land End Farm’s window upgrade! Gowercroft’s Richmond casements and vacuum glazing redefine heritage comfort.

Revitalizing Heritage: Land End Farm’s Window Upgrade with Vacuum Glazing

Introduction: A Journey Back in Time

In the heart of Leeds, Land End Farm stands as a testament to 17th-century architectural charm. When Keith and Carolynn Squires decided it was time to bid farewell to their draughty, single-glazed windows, preserving the farmhouse’s historic allure was their top priority.

Preserving the Past: The Window Dilemma

Old and listed properties demand careful attention during upgrades, as the wrong choices can easily distort the building’s aesthetic. The Squires faced a challenge—how to replace the rotten and degraded original windows in their 17th-century farmhouse without compromising its historic look.

The local Conservation Officer, after a thorough windows survey, granted approval for ‘like for like’ modern replacements, provided they adhered to strict building conservation requirements. Enter Gowercroft’s Heritage range, specifically the Richmond flush casement windows, designed with the preservation of listed properties in mind.

The Choice for Authenticity: Richmond Casements with Vacuum Glazing

After meticulous research, Keith and Carolynn selected Richmond casement windows. Crafted from durable and sustainably sourced Accoya® timber, these traditional-looking casements stood out. What sealed the deal was the ultra-thin high-performance vacuum glazing—a key player in delivering top-notch energy efficiency without compromising the authentic single-glazed look.

A visit to Gowercroft’s workshop in Derbyshire convinced the Squires that these windows were exactly what they had been searching for. Keith expressed, “Of all the replacement window possibilities we explored, we thought that the Richmond casements had the most authentic single-glazed look. We were really impressed by the slimness and performance of the vacuum glazing… and Gowercroft’s long warranty was definitely a value-added bonus!”

Vacuum Glazing: Elevating Efficiency

In the quest to enhance Land End Farm’s historic windows, Gowercroft turned to cutting-edge vacuum glazing. This ultra-thin high-performance glazing played a pivotal role in preserving the authentic single-glazed look while delivering unparalleled energy efficiency.

Key Statistics: LandVac Heritage Glazing

ThicknessUltra-slim 8.3mm
Thermal Efficiency (U value)Industry-leading 0.4 W/m²K
Noise Reduction CapabilityMimics traditional single-glazing
Aesthetic AuthenticityMimics traditional single glazing
LongevityDurable and reliable

Vacuum Glazing doesn’t just meet conservation requirements; it surpasses them. The slim 8.3mm profile eliminates the ‘double reflection’ associated with conventional double glazing, ensuring an authentic aesthetic. With a remarkable U value of 0.4 W/m²K, it sets a new standard for energy efficiency, making Land End Farm not just historically charming but also remarkably comfortable and sustainable.

Navigating Conservation Approval: A Seamless Process

To ease the approval process, a Gowercroft team member attended site meetings with the local Conservation Officer. A sample window showcasing the slimness of vacuum glazing helped eliminate the telltale ‘double reflection’ often seen in conventional double glazing. Detailed fenestration drawings provided further assurance that all stringent building conservation requirements would be met.

Keith commended Gowercroft’s support throughout the process, saying, “Gowercroft were such a great help through every step of the process, and their fitting teams did an excellent job of installing the windows, leaving all areas clean and tidy—even though there were covid restrictions in force at the time.”

Transformation Unveiled: The Results

The new windows worked wonders for Land End Farm. They not only transformed the external look of the farmhouse but also bid farewell to draughts, significantly improved thermal insulation, and enhanced overall comfort. The vacuum glazing played a crucial role in reducing external noise, creating a quieter and more serene living space.

In Keith’s words, “Thanks to all at Gowercroft, you should be really proud of what you have achieved here.”

Conclusion: A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Land End Farm’s journey showcases the seamless fusion of tradition and innovation. Gowercroft’s Richmond casement windows, with their slim vacuum glazing, stand as a testament to the power of thoughtful preservation and modern efficiency. The farmhouse now stands not just as a piece of history but as a comfortable, energy-efficient home, embracing the best of both worlds.