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Case Study: Optimum Glazing
vacuum glazed top hung casements

Vacuum Glazed Top Hung Casements in Nottingham

Witness the revival of a 19th Century Pump House in Nottinghamshire through vacuum glazed top hung casements. Enhance energy efficiency without compromising the timeless appeal. Discover the seamless integration of tradition and modernity.

Reviving Efficiency in a 19th Century Pump House

Explore the fascinating transformation of a 19th Century Pump House in Nottinghamshire, as Vacuum Glazing UK collaborated with Gowercroft Joinery to install highly efficient vacuum glazed top hung windows. Preserving the heritage charm while elevating energy efficiency, this project showcases the perfect blend of traditional aesthetics and modern advancements.

This project was a 19th Century Pump House located in Nottinghamshire.  These two sprawling, Grade II Listed buildings are connected with a glazed link and were built to house steam powered beam engines to operate sluice gates. Our partner, Gowercroft Joinery, produced highly efficient vacuum glazed top hung windows.

The property was converted into an extremely high end residence in the 1990’s, but many of the windows were tired and needed to be replaced. With the grandeur of the building, the client didn’t want to jeopardise the traditional features, while upgrading the efficiency and finish. Vacuum glazing was the obvious selection.

Vacuum Glazing UK Ltd. supplied LandVac glass to the manufacturer of the highly efficient top hung casements. The homeowner was delighted with the products and improvement in energy efficiency. Further replacement vacuum glazed top hung windows are in the pipeline for the near future.