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Case Study:
Quarry cottage in belper with heritage timber casement windows fitted with landvac heritage vacuum glazing

Quarry Cottage, Belper

Step into timeless elegance with Quarry Cottage’s heritage upgrade. Gowercroft’s Richmond Casement Windows and LandVac Glazing redefine tradition.

Elevating Heritage: Quarry Cottage’s Timeless Upgrade with Richmond Casement Heritage Windows

Introduction: A Touch of Tradition in Belper

In the heart of Belper, Derbyshire, where history and natural beauty intertwine, Quarry Cottage stands as a picturesque example of traditional stone dwellings. Owner Sylvia, captivated by the charm of Gowercroft’s Heritage Windows, embarked on a journey to enhance her cottage’s allure with a touch of timeless design.

The Perfect Upgrade: Gowercroft’s Heritage Windows

While there wasn’t a strict heritage requirement for Quarry Cottage, Sylvia fell in love with the design, finding it a seamless match for the cottage’s aesthetic and its surroundings in the historic town of Belper. Surrounded by the Peak District and the Derbyshire Coal Measures, Belper’s architectural legacy from the Industrial Revolution finds a perfect complement in Quarry Cottage’s traditional stone façade.

The Richmond Casement Heritage Window: Tradition with a Modern Twist

For Quarry Cottage, Sylvia opted for the Richmond Casement Heritage Window—a blend of classic styling and modern performance. What sets these windows apart is the option of vacuum double glazing, offering the illusion of traditional single-glazed windows with the contemporary advantages of vacuum cavity double glazing.

Vacuum Glazing Units: A Window to Efficiency

Enhancing the performance of Quarry Cottage’s Heritage Windows is the Vacuum Glazing. This cutting-edge glazing unit is designed to complement traditional styling while delivering exceptional modern efficiency.

Key Statistics: LandVac Heritage Glazing Units

ThicknessUltra-slim 8.3mm
Thermal Efficiency (U value)Industry-leading 0.4 W/m²K
Noise Reduction CapabilityMimics traditional single-glazing
Aesthetic AuthenticityMimics traditional single-glazing
LongevityDurable and reliable

Low Maintenance, High Performance: Accoya Timber

Crafted with Accoya timber, Gowercroft’s Heritage Windows and Doors boast exceptional stability and strength. The special treatment process ensures minimal expansion and contraction with temperature changes, making them resistant to water ingress. The meticulous finishing process adds to their low-maintenance charm, extending their lifespan.

Weather Resistance and Assurance: 10-Year Guarantee

Gowercroft’s products undergo rigorous testing for weather resistance, recently earning accreditation for air permeability, water-tightness, and resistance to wind load under the BS6375 standard. The environmentally friendly choice of Accoya, sourced sustainably, aligns with Gowercroft’s commitment to responsible practices.

Each Heritage Window and Door comes with a 10-year guarantee, reflecting Gowercroft’s confidence in their quality. For added peace of mind, homeowners can opt for TimbaCare cover, ensuring minimal maintenance for doors and windows, allowing them to retain their impeccable condition effortlessly.

In Quarry Cottage, heritage meets modernity, creating a timeless appeal that weaves seamlessly into Belper’s architectural tapestry. Explore the synergy of tradition and innovation with Gowercroft’s Heritage Windows—a choice that not only enhances aesthetics but also stands the test of time.

Gallery of Heritage Elegance at Quarry Cottage