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Case Study:
Heritage Building Restoration London - a home after having heritage vacuum glazing installed

Heritage Building Restoration London

Preserving heritage with a touch of modernity. Discover how LandVac Vacuum Insulated Glazing transformed a heritage building, overcoming resistance from planners. Stunning visuals and exceptional thermal performance.

Restoring Heritage Buildings with LandVac Vacuum Insulated Glazing: A Collaborative Success with Kingsrock Joinery

At VGUK, we believe that preserving heritage buildings doesn’t mean compromising on modern advancements. In this case study, we showcase how our LandVac Vacuum Insulated Glazing helped Kingsrock Joinery overcome the resistance faced from planners and allowed for the successful integration of energy-efficient solutions into a heritage building. The results are not only visually striking but also contribute to improved thermal performance.

Preserving Heritage with Stunning Modernity: A LandVac Vacuum Glazing Case Study

Project Overview:

The challenge presented by planners was their concern that vacuum glass would appear too modern for the heritage building. However, Jeremy Murphy, owner of Kingsrock strongly disagreed and proposed the use of flush casement windows glazed with LandVac Vacuum Insulated Glazing. The intention was to combine modern technology with the authentic look and feel of traditional architecture.

Solving Resistance with Stunning Results:

By employing toughened LandVac Vacuum Glazing, Kingsrock were able to achieve a slight distortion that added a touch of authenticity to the windows. The final result was a perfect blend of modernity and heritage, enhancing the visual appeal of the building while meeting energy efficiency requirements.

Visual Impact:

Thermal Performance:

Apart from the remarkable visual impact, the LandVac Vacuum Glazing also delivered outstanding thermal performance. The overall U-value achieved was approximately 0.95 W/m2K, surpassing the expectations for energy efficiency. The narrow gap and advanced insulation properties of LandVac ensured minimal heat transfer, reducing energy consumption and enhancing occupant comfort.


This case study demonstrates the successful integration of LandVac Vacuum Glazing into a heritage building, overcoming resistance from planners who initially doubted its compatibility. The combination of modern technology and the visual authenticity provided by the toughened glass resulted in stunning windows that contribute to improved thermal performance. At VGUK, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainable and aesthetically pleasing solutions for heritage preservation.

The windows were manufactured and installed by Kingsrock Joinery in London – find out more on their website: