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Case Study: Optimum Glazing
efficient sash windows

Efficient Sash Windows in Leicestershire

Witness the seamless marriage of historic authenticity and modern energy efficiency in a grand country house. Explore the installation of efficient sash windows using vacuum glazing technology.

Embark on a journey to a grand country house nestled between Loughborough and Leicester, where history and modernity converge. Experience the transformation of highly efficient sash windows, meticulously crafted by Gowercroft Joinery and featuring cutting-edge vacuum glazing technology. Discover how this project seamlessly blends the charm of a late 19th-century property with the energy efficiency demands of the present.

Preserving Elegance and Efficiency: Upgrading Sash Windows in a Grand Country House

This project was a grand country house situated between Loughborough and Leicester.  The property dates from the late 19th Century and is classed as a Locally Listed building. Our customer, Gowercroft Joinery, produced highly efficient sash windows using high end vacuum glazing.

It was of major important to maintain the historic authenticity of the property whilst upgrading to modern standards. The existing windows were in a mix of conditions with some beyond economic repair and others requiring new sashes only. The client was seeking modern standards of energy efficiency and comfort without jeopardising the historic importance of the building. Vacuum glazing was the clear choice.

Vacuum Glazing UK Ltd. supplied LandVac glass to the manufacturer of the efficient sash windows in order that they could deliver this project. The homeowner was very pleased with the results and further replacement windows are in the pipeline.