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Vacuum glazed sash windows in Derbyshire

Experience the perfect blend of heritage and innovation with vacuum glazed sash windows in a renowned Derbyshire school. Enhance energy efficiency and preserve historic charm with this remarkable renovation.

Step into the rich history of a prestigious private school, nestled within the grounds of a 12th-century Augustinian Priory in Derbyshire. Witness the restoration of a classroom, adorned with vacuum glazed sash windows, meticulously crafted by our esteemed partner, Gowercroft Joinery. Discover how this project not only pays homage to the school’s storied past but also elevates its energy efficiency and acoustic performance.

Preserving Heritage and Enhancing Efficiency: Vacuum Glazed Sash Windows in Derbyshire

This project was at a private school dating back to the 16th Century and based on the grounds and buildings of 12th Century Augustinian Priory. In its time, such famous faces as legendary Olympian Harold Abrahams, writers Christopher Isherwood, Edward Upton and Roald Dahl and Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson walked the halls as students. Our partner, Gowercroft Joinery, produced vacuum glazed sash windows for the renovation of a classroom.

The end client explains, “we wanted to replace 6 windows in the top floor of a classroom block to again improve ventilation, as the existing windows were not openable. The challenges were finding replacement windows that matched the existing single glazed timber sashes, met the conservation and heritage requirements and gave us longevity and the energy performance of double glazed units.”

Vacuum glazing was an excellent option, as it allowed the frame sections to be slim and avoided any double reflection in the glass. At the same time, the exceptional performance of the glass allowed the school to significantly improve the energy efficiency and acoustic value of the windows.

Vacuum Glazing UK Ltd. supplied vacuum glass to the manufacturer of the vacuum glazed sash windows. The School was so delighted that there have been subsequent phases of work replacing further windows in other buildings on the site.