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Case Study: Optimum Glazing
vacuum glazed casements

Vacuum glazed casements in Kidderminster

Step into a world of history and comfort with vacuum glazed casements in Kidderminster’s 18th-century farmhouse. Embrace energy efficiency, banish dampness, and indulge in the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation.

Immerse yourself in the charm of an 18th-century Grade II listed farmhouse, nestled in the idyllic countryside of Kidderminster. Adjacent to a magnificent 14th-century manor house, complete with its own moat, this farmhouse underwent a transformation that seamlessly blended historic authenticity with modern standards. Discover how Gowercroft Joinery crafted vacuum glazed casements, breathing new life into this remarkable heritage property.

Preserving History, Elevating Comfort: Vacuum Glazed Casements in Kidderminster

This project was an 18th Century Grade II listed farmhouse in rural Kidderminster. It sits in the grounds of an impressive 14th Century manor house, which is Grade I Listed and comes complete with a moat! Our customer, Gowercroft Joinery, produced vacuum glazed casements to preserve its historic authenticity whilst upgrading to modern standards.

Parts of the farmhouse had been remodelled in the 18th Century, extended in the mid 19th Century with some late 20th Century alterations. Part of the recent alterations had been the installation of some lower quality timber and steel windows, these were beyond economic repair. The homeowner was seeking sympathetic replacements, which would also reduce the issues he was suffering with condensation and mould in the property. Vacuum glazing was the obvious answer.

Vacuum Glazing UK Ltd. supplied vacuum glass to the manufacturer of the vacuum glazed casements in order that they could produce complete new windows. The homeowner stated: “The damp smell has now gone, the air feels “healthier” and the house is much warmer and more comfortable.”