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Case Study: Heritage Glazing
Georgian sash windows

Georgian Sash Windows in London

Explore the fusion of history and energy efficiency in London’s former residence of Sir Winston Churchill. Discover how vacuum glazed Georgian sash windows preserved the mansion’s charm while upgrading to modern standards.

Once the residence of the iconic Sir Winston Churchill, this magnificent mansion on the outskirts of Richmond Park in London exudes the elegance of an eighteenth-century period drama and has even graced the screens of the TV series ‘Downton Abbey.’ In the endeavor to restore this historic building to its former glory, Gowercroft Joinery embarked on a nine-year restoration project, working closely with conservation experts, designers, and craftsmen. The challenge was to uphold the property’s historical authenticity while upgrading it to meet modern standards. This involved the creation of Georgian sash windows using high-end vacuum glazing technology. Discover how the synergy between tradition and innovation transformed this prestigious home, capturing national and international acclaim for its outstanding craftsmanship and energy-efficient design.

Vacuum Glazed Georgian Sash Windows in London: Combining History with Energy Efficiency

The former home of Sir Winston Churchill, this mansion on the edge of Richmond Park, has the air of an eighteenth-century period drama and featured in the TV drama ‘Downton Abbey’. Our customer, Gowercroft Joinery, produced Georgian sash windows and various doors using high end vacuum glazing.

The nine-year restoration involved a complete overhaul of the entire estate.  Working closely with Historic England, a team of conservation experts, designers and craftsmen to painstakingly return the property to it’s former glory.

One of the biggest challenges was how to preserve its historic authenticity whilst upgrading to modern standards. The large Georgian sash windows, which characterise the impressive façade were central to this endeavour.  They were beyond economic repair and the client was seeking sympathetic replacements, which would also offer modern standards of energy efficiency and comfort. This is where vacuum glazing came in.

Vacuum Glazing UK Ltd. supplied vacuum glass to the manufacturer of the windows in order that they could fulfill this brief. The project has gone on to win national and international acclaim for the quality of the build.