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Pilkington Spacia

Slim Double Glazing from Pilkington Spacia

pilkington spacia diagram of vacuum glazing with cutaways

Pilkington Spacia is made up of 2 pieces of 3mm glass one of which has a Low Emissivity coating. They are separated by a Micro Spacer Grid of small pillars each measuring just 0.5mm diameter set 20mm apart, robotically positioned, with “intelligent” camera checking. The edges are sealed hermetically with a low melting point glass frit, then air and moisture evacuated, sealed and capped.

Pilkington Spacia provides similar energy efficiency performance as a standard double glazed unit containing a low-emissivity glass, such as Pilkington K Glass™ but in a much thinner profile. It is therefore perfectly suited for use in original, refurbishment or new thin profile frames, allowing the property to maintain its original appearance.

Pilkington Spacia provides a cost-effective method of improving the energy efficiency of older properties where glazing choice is restricted, or where the original frames are a desirable feature. Advances in technology have made windows a significant contributor to the energy efficiency of new homes. Current restrictions, which were put in place to preserve the character of the nation’s buildings, in some circumstances prevent the improvement of thermal efficiency by not permitting upgrading from single glazing. So, whilst these properties look appealing, they carry a heavy price in terms of reduced internal comfort levels, high heating costs and carbon footprint.

The Micro Spacer Grid.

Look through the grid from a distance of 2 meters at an angle of 90 degrees they become imperceivable. Above the protection cap there is a small laser etched reference which is unique and allows for product traceability.

The Protection Cap.

The protection cap has a height of 5mm with a diameter of 12mm – black default option & 15mm silver by request. It will always be positioned 50mm in from any nominated corner. You can nominate your corner prior to ordering TR/TL BR/BL. The cap should always be glazed to the inside except with secondary glazing when the cap faces to the cavity. There is a 3mm offset all round to allow for the glass weld.

  • Positioning is a fixed distance of 50mm from the glass edge, so it is always within visible area .
  • One cap is required per pane, regardless of the size.
  • Consumer Note: No attempt should be made to remove the cap, this could result in the unit failing.

Pilkington Spacia glass specifications

Product and performance

Clear Version

Thermal performance

ProductActual thickness (mm)Light transmittance ({672140fc81bbf8538617114bced9858b6a0cbab1d6ed15da368cdf22ee20eca7})reflectance ({672140fc81bbf8538617114bced9858b6a0cbab1d6ed15da368cdf22ee20eca7})Centre pane U value (Ug W/m2K)Solar direct transmission ({672140fc81bbf8538617114bced9858b6a0cbab1d6ed15da368cdf22ee20eca7})Solar reflection ({672140fc81bbf8538617114bced9858b6a0cbab1d6ed15da368cdf22ee20eca7})Total solar heat transmittance (g value) {672140fc81bbf8538617114bced9858b6a0cbab1d6ed15da368cdf22ee20eca7}
6mm Pilkington Spacia6.578131.1621767
4mm Float49085.883885
6mm Float68885.779782
24mm Double Glazed4 / 16 / 4K (Argon)75181.5741676


Pilkington Spacia™ has a 10 year warranty with a life expectancy in excess of 25 years.