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Vacuum Glazing UK do not sell glass units directly to the public nor to main contractors but work with partner businesses across the UK to bring this product to the refurbishment or the full replacement market. We have limited opportunities available for businesses who are serious about promoting and growing this innovative glazing product.

Why become a partner?

  1. Market leadership. Vacuum Glazing is gaining traction across the fenestration industry and there are limited opportunities available for getting involved. By being an early adopter, you get the benefit of market leadership and being viewed as an innovator by your customer base.
  2. Opportunity to reach new markets or secure existing ones. The heritage and future build markets will be the earliest adopters of this technology, if you operate in these markets or plan to operate in these markets, this is a vehicle to get you there.

What we expect from a partner

We are looking for partners, not resellers. We will identify a small number of partners in each area of the fenestration market and limit the growth of the network. Once the partner base is saturated, any new interest will be funnelled into the existing partners for resale. We want partners to feel secure and ensure that they are willing to invest in the marketing of this product.

We will expect a commitment to volumes (although we appreciate that there will be a growth trajectory and Rome wasn’t built in a day), we will expect product development within your business to deliver competitive products to the market and we’ll expect a marketing budget that is appropriate to your commitments. In return, you will have access to a truly innovative product which will allow you to grow your business.
This is a unique time to get involved, the demand is growing quickly. The future of fenestration will be vacuum glazing and those who get on board early will reap the rewards.

Testimonials from current customers

We have seen demand for this product sky-rocket in the past 12-months, as the climate agenda gathers steam and people are looking for a genuine long-
term solution. The lack of credible competition for this product means we are very much in demand, and we can drive sales price and profitability.

Darren Young, Production Director at Gowercroft Joinery

I get requests for information about vacuum glazing from Architects on a near daily basis, they are almost unanimous in their praise for the product and its
performance characteristics. I am also getting quotation requests from multiple end customers everyday – excited that there is a genuine alternative to
low-sighline slim double glazing, which has caused so many remedial issues for the industry.

Tony Dee, Director, Grosvenor Restoration

I started working with vacuum glazing in 2011 and have been selling significant volumes of the product since 2015. I have seen many suppliers come and go, but LandVac Glass is a huge step up from any of the other options on the market. This is now the vast majority of my business and the word is spreading

Wullie Mallen, Director, Wm. Mallen Joinery