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How much are triple glazed sash windows in the UK?

How much are triple glazed sash windows in the UK? Triple glazed window and money concept

How much are triple glazed sash windows in the UK?

Uncover the costs of triple glazed sash windows in the UK with our comprehensive price analysis. Compare standard sizes and window types for informed decision-making.

Cost Analysis: Triple Glazing vs. Double Glazing

To help you make an informed decision between triple glazing and double glazing, let’s compare the costs of both options for different window materials and types. Below is a price comparison table based on standard sizes (1000×500, 1000×1000, and 1200×1200) and various window types (casement, sash, tilt & turn, bay). Please note that the prices are estimates and may vary depending on the supplier and other factors.

Window MaterialWindow TypeStandard SizeDouble Glazing CostTriple Glazing Cost
uPVCCasement1000×500£300 – £450£390 – £495
uPVCCasement1000×1000£375 – £570£490 – £855
uPVCCasement1200×1200£450 – £675£585 – £1,015
uPVCSash1000×500£600 – £750£715 – £900
uPVCSash1000×1000£750 – £940£900 – £1,125
uPVCSash1200×1200£900 – £1,125£1,060 – £1,350
uPVCTilt & Turn1000×500£550 – £600£780 – £1,125
uPVCTilt & Turn1000×1000£690 – £750£975 – £1,410
uPVCTilt & Turn1200×1200£825 – £900£1,170 – £1,690
uPVCBay1000×500£1,200 – £1,350£1,560 – £2,025
uPVCBay1000×1000£1,500 – £1,690£1,545 – £2,535
uPVCBay1200×1200£1,800 – £2,025£2,340 – £3,350
AluminiumCasement1000×500£490 – £855£390 – £495
AluminiumCasement1000×1000£585 – £1,015£490 – £855
AluminiumCasement1200×1200£675 – £1,015£430 – £695
AluminiumSash1000×500£900 – £1,125£715 – £900
AluminiumSash1000×1000£1,125 – £1,350£900 – £1,125
AluminiumSash1200×1200£1,350 – £1,690£900 – £1,125
AluminiumTilt & Turn1000×500£690 – £750£780 – £1,125
AluminiumTilt & Turn1000×1000£825 – £900£975 – £1,410
AluminiumTilt & Turn1200×1200£900 – £1,125£1,170 – £1,690
AluminiumBay1000×500£1,350 – £1,690£1,560 – £2,025
AluminiumBay1000×1000£1,690 – £2,535£1,545 – £2,535
AluminiumBay1200×1200£2,025 – £3,350£2,340 – £3,350
WoodCasement1000×500£585 – £1,015£390 – £495
WoodCasement1000×1000£690 – £1,060£490 – £855
WoodCasement1200×1200£825 – £1,200£430 – £695
WoodSash1000×500£1,125 – £1,350£715 – £900
WoodSash1000×1000£1,350 – £1,690£900 – £1,125
WoodSash1200×1200£1,690 – £2,025£900 – £1,125
WoodTilt & Turn1000×500£825 – £1,170£780 – £1,125
WoodTilt & Turn1000×1000£975 – £1,170£975 – £1,410
WoodTilt & Turn1200×1200£1,170 – £1,690£1,170 – £1,690
WoodBay1000×500£1,500 – £1,690£1,560 – £2,025
WoodBay1000×1000£1,800 – £2,025£1,545 – £2,535
WoodBay1200×1200£2,025 – £3,350£2,340 – £3,350
Prices correct as of 2023

Average Price Per Window

Based on the provided data, the average cost of triple glazing for standard-sized windows is approximately £398 for 1000×500, £442 for 1000×1000, and £563 for 1200×1200. For double glazing, the average cost is around £385 for 1000×500, £503 for 1000×1000, and £612 for 1200×1200.

Potential Long-Term Savings

While triple glazing may have a higher initial cost, the long-term savings in energy bills and increased energy efficiency can be substantial. With the superior insulation properties of triple glazing, homeowners can reduce their heating costs during the winter and potentially lower their cooling costs during the summer. Over time, these energy savings can help offset the initial investment and lead to overall cost-effectiveness.

It’s important to consider the specific needs of your property, the climate in your region, and your energy-saving goals when making a decision between triple glazing and double glazing. Investing in triple glazing can be a valuable choice for those seeking enhanced comfort, energy efficiency, and reduced environmental impact in the long run.

Triple Glazed Sash Windows Prices in the UK

If you’re considering upgrading to triple glazed sash windows, it’s essential to understand the estimated costs for different standard sizes. Below is a table showcasing the price ranges for triple glazed sash windows in the UK:

Standard SizeEstimated Cost Per WindowAverage Price per Window
1000 x 500£350 – £445£398
1000 x 1000£390 – £495£442
1200 x 1200£430 – £695£563

Insights into Price Differences

The cost variations for triple glazed sash windows can be attributed to several factors:

  1. Window Size: Larger windows typically require more materials and labor, resulting in higher costs. The 1200×1200 size has a wider price range due to its larger dimensions compared to the other standard sizes.
  2. Window Type: Different window types, such as casement, sash, tilt & turn, and bay windows, may have varying price ranges. Sash windows, with their traditional design and mechanism, could be more labor-intensive to manufacture and install, which may impact the overall price.
  3. Window Material: The material of the window frame can also affect the price. For example, uPVC frames tend to be more cost-effective than aluminium or wood frames.
  4. Glazing Technology: Triple glazing can come with different glazing technologies, such as low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings and gas fills (e.g., argon or krypton). Advanced glazing technologies can enhance the window’s performance but may also influence the price.

Value Proposition: Triple Glazing vs. Double Glazing

Compared to double glazing, triple glazed sash windows offer a compelling value proposition, particularly considering their energy-saving benefits and increased comfort. While the upfront cost of triple glazing may be higher, the long-term savings in energy bills can make it a worthwhile investment.

Let’s compare the average prices for triple glazing to double glazing for the standard size 1000×500:

  • Triple Glazing (1000×500): £398
  • Double Glazing (1000×500): £385

The price difference between triple glazing and double glazing for this size is relatively small, with triple glazing being only slightly more expensive. Considering the potential long-term energy savings, noise reduction, and improved insulation, the slightly higher initial cost of triple glazing can be justified for those seeking enhanced comfort and energy efficiency.

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In conclusion, while triple glazed sash windows may have varying price ranges based on size, type, and material, they offer a valuable investment with their superior performance compared to double glazing. By carefully considering your needs and budget, you can make an informed decision and enjoy the long-term benefits that triple glazing provides for your home.

How much are triple glazed sash windows in the UK?

The cost of triple glazed sash windows in the UK varies based on factors such as window size, type, and material. On average, for standard sizes like 1000×500, prices range from £350 to £445, while 1000×1000 sizes can cost between £390 to £495. Larger windows, such as 1200×1200, may be priced from £430 to £695. The price comparison table reveals that triple glazing is slightly more expensive than double glazing, but the long-term energy savings and enhanced comfort make it a worthwhile investment for homeowners seeking improved energy efficiency. Consider factors like glazing technology and frame material to choose the best triple glazed sash windows that suit your needs and budget.

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